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Return policy

Return policy:
For better understanding, we trying to represent our goods with many pictures from different angles with full description and dimensions. If you have some specific questions about item what you planning to buy, please, contact with us and we will answer. We will provide extra information, additional pictures, video or specific sizes. Can make photos and video of item what exactly will sent for you and what exactly you will receive. We want to satisfy our customers on 100%.

If for some reason you are not satisfied, you have a right to return your purchase.
We asking you to be sympathetic to the return procedure of your purchase.
You can return your purchase within fifteen days (15 days) after delivery.
You have to return your purchase in the same condition as received. With no traces of use or wear.
For returning product you can use regular post of your country, choose AIRMAIL way of shipping INCLUDE TRACKING NUMBER only.
Do not use fast way of delivery, not EMS, not FedEx, not DHL
After receiving of your returning shipment, we will refund your full purchase price only to your PayPal account.