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For our customers, for extra fee, we can provide CITES PERMIT for a following our products:

Siamese crocodile skin handbags, wallets, purses, clutches, briefcases, belts, etc.
The certificate can be issue for a Private name or Company name.
For Private Name:

CITES PERMIT can be issue on the name of private person. This kind certificate will be issue like a “FOR TOURIST”. Factory can request some information about buyer Name, place of living, copy of international passport. This kind of certificate can be useful in case if the Customs of your country extra carefully checking all parcels from other countries. To the list of countries with meticulous Customs can be attributed countries such a Switzerland, Germany, Spain. In another case when "CITES" can be useful for you, if you bought handbag, briefcase or traveling bag from crocodile skin and will traveling to another country. If this trip including crossing the border of your country, or another country, custom officer can ask you to show the Cites permit.

Second kind of certificate can be issue on your company name. This kind of certificate can be helpful in case if you thinking about to buy commercial lot of goods from crocodile skin for legal import of goods and customs clearance.
This kind of certificate can use on the customs of your country, for legally imports of commercial lot of goods from genuine crocodile skin.

Terms and pricing for issue of CITES PERMIT for commercial lot or Private Person by request.
Friends, if after reading you have any questions, ask me, I will clarify and give you an answer.