My friends, due to COVID-19, worldwide shipping temporarily suspended.

For our products, we can provide CITES PERMIT for a following list:
Siamese crocodile skin
Handbags, including purses, clutches and briefcases
Stuffed crocodile
The CITES certificate can be issue for a Private name or Company name. Quite often we issue CITES for private person names, when customers ordering few items such handbag, wallet and belt, or few crocodile skins and they want make a shipment by post.
We also can provide CITES with the name of company, usually its happens for commercial lot of products or crocodile skin in cases when shipping makes throughout cargo companies.
TERMS and COST for providing CITES depends from each one situation, sometime we can provide CITES free (mostly for commercial lot of product) sometimes it can cost $15. Issue of CITES can takes 5-7 days, in rare cases can be up to 10 days.
According of local law for issue CITES we have to provide:
Name of recipient 
Address of recipient
Phone number of recipient
All this information will be shown in CITES.

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