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crocodile skin size

In this article, we will explain how we measuring width of CROCODILE SKIN, at what place on the crocodile hide we taking sizes
Let’s take a look on pictures:

Crocodile skin belly

We taking dry and finished crocodile skin.
We put crocodile belly hide on table or another flat surface, then we put ruler on the top of crocodile hide as it shown on the pic and taking size of skin.

Crocodile skin belly


Crocodile skin belly

As you can see on the pic width of this skin on the top - 36cm
Exactly this size we will using for price calculation of this hide.
Price for this crocodile hide belly part is $5 per cm which means what price for whole skin is $180 include free world wide delivery.

Let’s see next pictures
Width of this crocodile hide at the widest place is 42cm

There is no any rules or fixed proportions by the ratio of sizes at the top and in the middle of the skin.

The size at the widest place depends only from shape of crocodile body - hides of more corpulent crocodiles are wider.
If you are used to check up size of crocodile skin at the widest part price for 1cm will be as $180/42=$4.29 per cm


Crocodile skin belly


Crocodile skin