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Crocodile leather for handcrafting 826
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Crocodile leather for handcrafting 100 grams. 3 skins in set.
Color: yellow
Piece #1
Width 15cm
Length 23cm
Piece #2
Width 13cm
Length 19cm
Piece #3
Width 13cm
Length 16cm

Siamese crocodile skin, knee parts of Siamese crocodile hides. You will buy Siamese crocodile skin by 100 grams, this is exactly what do you see on the pictures. How many skins in 100 grams depend from dimensions and thickness of each one piece of skin. If skins big size, there will be two skins in set. If skins average size, there will be 3-4 skins in one set. Thickness of knee part about 1.5-2.5mm depend from texture of skin. Genuine Siamese crocodile skin by pieces for handcrafting.

  • Skin: Siamese crocodile skin
  • Color: Yellow
  • Model: Pieces
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