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Genuine crocodile leather women's bag 065
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Genuine crocodile leather women's bag

Navy-blue color


Height- 26cm

Width on the top of bag - 46cm.

Width on the bottom of bag - 35cm.

Thickness -14cm

Distance from top of bag to the handles -17cm.


  For manufacturing of this bag used genuine crocodile hornback leather, hide of caiman crocodile. This bag will be enjoyed for those Ladies who prefer to wear bag in forearm or in arm. Also due to the distance from the top of bag to the handles, equal 17cm, you can wear this bag on your shoulder. On front of surface is located hornback part of hide of crocodile with unique natural texture of nape and back of hide of Caiman. On back surface of handbag is located part of hide of caiman with unique natural texture of hornback of crocodile. Left and right sides of bag created with textured surface of tail of hide of crocodile.  Handles of bag made with crocodile and cow skin. On the top of bag sewed metal zipper, using of metal zipper extends life of the product. Interior of bag is made from genuine cow skin, painted in the color of the bag.  Flat zippered compartment divides the bag into two volumes. Inside of bag are two convenient pockets for a keys and other essential goods.

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