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Genuine crocodile belt with real crocodile head 028
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Genuine crocodile belt with real crocodile head

Black color


Width  38mm

Length 110-125cm

  Genuine crocodile belt with real crocodile head, this belt made on factory named "RIVER". Products from this factory is etalon of products from crocodile leather. For manufacturing of belts of this series used genuine crocodile leather (Cayman) Buckle of this belt made from real crocodile head. Been used head of young cayman.  Belt made on base from genuine cow leather, belt stitched and glued  along the entire length of belt. Belt very elastic.  The feature of this belt is: Head of hide of crocodile forms the buckle of belt and continued the front surface of belt. At the distance 5-7 cm after buckle we can see unique texture the occiput of crocodile hide. Further, the belt continues closer to its end, we see the insert with the texture of the tail. I would like draw your attention on next fact: YOU CAN'T CUT THIS BELT BY YOURSELF

All this belts have a fixed size

Yes, you can buy this belt little bit longer and Insert inside or cut in special workshop.

Belts of this model produced in three colors;

Black, Brown and himalayan color

  • Skin: Crocodile skin
  • Color: Black
  • Model: Belt
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