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Cobra skin ladies handbag with head of cobra 195
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Cobra skin ladies handbag with head of cobra
Natural color
Width - 30cm
Height -19cm
Thickness -15cm
Distance from top of bag till handles -7.5cm

Handbag for ladies made from real cobra skin. For manufacturing of this bag used genuine skin of cobra with natural skin pattern. As a main decoration of bag the real head of cobra located on the front of bag. On front of handbag made the valve. The valve decorated by real cobra head, valve flips upwards. At the sides of valve are zippers located. On the back side of handbag made flat pocket with zipper. Backside of handbag and sides of handbag made from genuine cobra skin, handles of handbag made from genuine cobra skin as well. At the top of handbag located zipper. Material lining of bags is soft cloth sandy color .The bag inside made in one volume. Inside of bag are two pockets, pocket with zipper and side flat pocket.

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