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New Arrivals of Stingray skin wallet 1157

Stingray skin wallet 1157 US $

Stingray skin wallet
Model - Billfold small
Color - Black
Width– 11.5cm
Height – 9.5cm
Thickness– 2.5cm
Wallet from genuine stingray skin. For manufacturing of wallet of this model used high-end leather manufactured genuine skin of stingray. This wallet is classical style of wallets of stingray skin with one white eye. White eye on main surface of goods from stingray skin this is a main decoration of stingray skin goods. Wallet of this model made from one whole piece of stingray skin. Material of lining is soft calfskin and cloth.
Internal filling
8 cards compartments two of them with transparent windows
4 sides pocket with access from middle part of wallet
2 compartments for banknotes

Stingray skin wallet 1157Stingray skin wallet 1157Stingray skin wallet 1157

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